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Step 2: Repair Your Leather
Here are various compounds and products you can use to repair leather easily.
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Deep Leather FillDeep Leather FillDeep Leather Fill is an air-dry product. Deep Leather Fill is creamy, light brown and applies smoothly like spreading butter. Deep Leather Fill is excellent for scratches and small punctures.
FLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZFLEX GEL CLEAR 1 OZCLEAR 1 OZ. Flexible Power Gel is a cyanoacrylate adhesive that has a measure of flexibility. Excellent for sealing leather cuts in skin. Flexible Power gel can be used for vinyl, leather, dash, and door panel repairs.
LEATHER BEELEATHER BEELeather Bee is a cold, colored compound that is number one for its strength and flexiblity for leather. Works especially well on leather furniture; its flexible nature makes it an excellent choice for repairing leather jackets, pants, hats, or purses. Non-sandable.
LEATHER CRACK FILLERLEATHER CRACK FILLERLeather Crack Filler is an air dry grey colored product that resembles liquid paper when spread and allowed to dry. Sandable and quick drying. Crack filler is a product with limited strength and is best suited for filling cracks, creases, small punctures and scratches repair. This product has been around as long as cows....That says something in itself.
LEATHER CREAM FILL AIR DRY COMPOUNDLEATHER CREAM FILL AIR DRY COMPOUNDLeather Cream fill is a very spreadable adhesive filler that is excellent for those small repairs. Light cream color. Dries clear, sandable.
LEATHER DYE AND REPAIR KITLEATHER DYE AND REPAIR KITLooking to dye your leather seats? Are you interested in just restoring and replenishing the current color? Or are you looking to make a color change? Either way, we can help you. We have put together these "pre-fab" kits to make your purchasing experience a little easier.
Leather Fiber Flock 4 ozLeather Fiber Flock 4 ozLeather Fiber Flock is actual leather fiber that can be mixed with leather bee, quick dry adhesive, or NeXus into a paste and then can be doled into the cavity or the repair. When repairing swede, sometimes it can be done like a velour repair. By placing adhesive in first and then pressing down the fiber gently.
LEATHER SOFT AIR DRY COMPOUNDLEATHER SOFT AIR DRY COMPOUNDLeather Soft is an air dry product. Leather Soft is creamy and dries soft like leather. Leather Soft dries white.
Power Gel -TubePower Gel -TubePower Gel Compares to Slo-Zap, thicker - allows work on vertical surface. Use kicker (such as Big Blast) to speed curing time closely fitting parts and "lacking" application. Because of its penetrating action, the Power Gel is excellent to strengthen weak, porous materials such as Balsa and cloth. The adhesive bonds all woods and veneers, plastics, metals, rubber, etc. Power Gel bonds oily surfaces.
SHIELDS UP TOPCOATSHIELDS UP TOPCOATShields Up is a great topcoat for your leather dye product. It protects your leather dye work from premature wear. It increases its durability and wearability. It is not aerosol. For those who do not have their own detail gun, you may opt to purchase a Preval Sprayer Unit.
The Answer Leather SealerThe Answer Leather SealerLeather, plastic, vinyl, etc. Produces a finish with exceptional toughness, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Can be sanded w/600 grit sandpaper. Will not release from cracked or crease area. Allow to dry. Clean up with water. Also can be used over CA Repairs on leather to eliminate future spider cracks. Simply apply light coat, air dry with hair dryer and when product starts to harden press in grain. - Use as a spray on primer coat for better flex and adhesion.