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Additives (for Leather Dye)
These additives are designed to add to your leather dye to boost performance or achieve certain results in certain circumstances.
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Dulling AgentDulling AgentDulling Agent  is white in nature that gradually reduces the shine in water base coatings. Dulling Agent is an additive that can be put in your waterbase premix or topcoat.
FLAT AYDFLAT AYDFlat ayd is a clear additive that dulls most waterbase coatings. The more that is added the flatter the finish coat.
FLEX AYDFLEX AYDFlex Ayd is added to water base dyes for additional flex when necessary for fine finishing of extremely flexible leather.
FORGIVEN - CROSSLINKERFORGIVEN - CROSSLINKERDESCRIPTION: A tannery proven di-isocyanate type crosslinker. Last in mixture up to 4 days then dissipates. Do not discard color, may be reused and additional Forgiven may be added after 4 days. FEATURES: A marked improvement in water, chemical, adhesion, abrasion and humidity resistance. Non carcinogen. APPLICATION: Add 1% to 5% to water base dyes or velour spray adhesive - Dramatically improves adhesion to plastics.
SKINNY DIPSKINNY DIPSkinny Dip is a water base thinning agent for water base. It thins out the water base without losing strength or flexibility.
SLIP AYDSLIP AYDSlip Ayd is an additive that is added to water base coatings and used primarily on high traffic areas. It provides a slip that eliminates friction and helps created longevity to the color coated substrate. A water-borne Slip agent helps in creating a natural feel on leather.