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Repair Tools
Leather Repair Tools
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H.A.P. HEAT ACTIVATED PATCHH.A.P. HEAT ACTIVATED PATCHA mesh that has glue on one side. When you add heat to it, this activates the glue so it can stick to vinyl, cloth or leather. Size 12'X20" Use as an under patch.
Mouth AtomizerMouth AtomizerA Mouth Atomizer is a little mouth sprayer is truly amazing if you've never seen it in action. Simple put the long metal stem in your paint/dye arch it to a backwards L take a deep breath and B- L- O- !!!
MOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSMOUTH ATOMIZER CLEANERSThese handy little wires with a type of cotton is inserted in to fluid chamber and pushed through. A must to have to keep your wind unobstructed and not having your eyeballs exploded unnecessarily.
Palette Knife 3" Flexible Off Set BladePalette Knife 3" Flexible Off Set BladeThis tool is made of stainless steel 3 1/2 inches long, flexible and ideal for spreading compounds for both hot and cold cures.
Small 4 oz BottleSmall 4 oz BottleThis small one 4 oz plastic bottle is perfect for small touch up jobs that require the minimum of dye/paint.
SUB-PATCH MATERIALSUB-PATCH MATERIALSub-Patch Material 18" X 36" Use with hot or cold systems; this is a high strength material designed for maximum flex and stability.
SURGICAL TUBING---12" LONGSURGICAL TUBING---12" LONGThis tubing is especially useful. (As depicted by the picture) in working with the mouth atomizer for spraying liquids. The tubing is especially favorable to this use because it lightly expands and allows easy airflow. Many tubing are tight and restrictive and the end result is it can feel like blowing into a pinched tube. This can result is hyperventilating and lots and lots of looks from people as the technician turns purple before their very eyes. Just kidding. The proper tool makes it possible to get within inches of the substrate. Would you expect anything less from a doctor?