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Leather Dye Kit for Isuzu

Leather Dye Kit for Isuzu

Leather Dye Kit for Isuzu
Isuzu Color Chart 2012
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Leather Dye for Isuzu

Make it Easier! Get a Kit! Click here to read what comes in the kit.

How to Perform a quality dye job for your leather:

Step 1) Prep your leather. Product recommendations: Silicone Wash, Doc’s Dirt Terminator, or Leather Prep.
Step 2) Repair/Seal Cracks or Worn leather. Product recommendations: Leather Bee, Leather Crackfiller, The Answer, Leather Soft.
Step 3) Prime leather and repaired areas. Wipe on primer, dry with hair drier. Product recommendations: Amigo Leather Primer (for Leather) and Phase One Plastic primer (for hard plastics like door panels).
Step 4) Apply premix dye. Dye can be wiped on or rubbed in with a lint free rag like a t-shirt. Apply thin coats. Dry each coat with hair drier. Expect 3-4 coats. Thin coats are strongest. Coats applied too thick make dye susceptible to peeling. Dye can also be sprayed on with an airbrush or small paint gun. Make sure not to have airbrush or paint gun on too high of a PSI setting. It will make dye feel rougher. If dye goes on and dries quickly, your PSI is most likely too high. Dye should spray on liquid, as wet as if you wiped it on.
Step 5) When color coating is complete and dry, topcoat your work. Wipe or spray on just like you did with the premix dye. Product recommendations: Shields Up (Satin is most common, also available in Matte and High Gloss; High Gloss may have to be specially ordered).
**Premix Dye Colors are made to order and cannot be returned or exchanged. This is to keep product costs as low and affordable as possible for all our customers.
**Color Charts do not guarantee a color match for your individual car and is meant only as a reference to guide your color selection. However, we can provide a color match for you; customers are welcomed to mail us a small swatch to match for them for no additional charge.

Swatches can be sent to:
Doc’s Total Package
301 Carrington Place
Opelousas, LA 70570
Please provide contact information with your swatch.